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From Oskar Werewka <>
Subject Re: HELP PLEASE!!!
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 17:32:46 GMT

We can now add this text to the FAQ ;)

>As best I can (please correct me who can):
>In short, a logicsheet is an xsl stylesheet that is used to transform xml
>code during processing by the XSP processor.  Templates in the logicsheet
>match "tags" in the xml file, replacing them with any valid XSP code (xml
>elements, xsp:logic blocks, other taglib tags).  After all logicsheets
>(taglibs) have been applied, all xsp namespace tags are transformed, and
>the whole mess is turned into Java code.  This java code is then compiled,
>and becomes a producer.  All requests to that URL begin with this producer.
>The output of the producer is more XML, with (optionally) processing
>instructions to run it through, for instance, the XSLT processor.
>Typically, we speak of stylesheets to refer to xsl files that are applied
>to xml during the XSLT processing or FO processing steps.  It is not a
>logicsheet, because it contains no XSP code or logic, and will not be
>turned into a producer.  It just happens that the whole logicsheet
>mechanism is implemented using XSLT, which is (I think) a terrific design,
>but it does make for some confusion in the absence of documentation.
>When you use the esql taglib, you inform XSP of this fact by defining the
>namespace.  This matches a line in that tells where the
>logicsheet for this taglib can be found.  You can (and should!) look at
>this logicsheet in the source tree for cocoon - look for esql.xsl.  You can
>also find logicsheets for many other functions, such as request, response,
>and session.  You can also write your own taglibs by defining your own
>namespace and logicsheet.  You hook your custom taglibs up to your xml
>files either by adding a line in, or by using the
><?xml-logicsheet href="file location"?> processing instruction, as well as
>defining the namespace as for any other taglib.
>I'm hoping to write this up in more complete form soon, but a lot of this
>is documented in this URL (accessible from the Cocoon FAQ):
>Please respond to
>Subject:  HELP PLEASE!!!
>Hi Community it's the 3° times that send my question
>and nobody reply me!!!! please:
>somebody can help me understand the difference
>beetween logicsheet and stylesheet????
>The logicsheet is used to specify taglib
>that is possible to use ?? , for example
>when I use XSP processor and ESQL taglib
>I specify in my XML document:
><?cocoon-process type="xsp"?>
></xsp:page> I use xsp processor and I include esql logicsheet is this
>Please check that your question has not already been answered in the
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Oskar Werewka

Please check that your question has not already been answered in the
FAQ before posting. <>

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