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From Ulrich Mayring <>
Subject Re: Central repository for taglibs
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 09:20:48 GMT
Yann Camenen wrote:
> I believe that some sort of organisation would allow for a higher degree of
> coordination on such projects. If a structure existed, it probably would
> induce some additional overhead for existing taglib authors but would
> definitely facilitate entry for new contributors. It doesn't necessarily
> mean a new mailing list and web site, just a few pages on the Cocoon site
> and a [Taglib] subject line.

Ok, I'll play along, but just want to caution that we have not reached
critical mass in the taglibs yet. I don't know about esql, is anyone
else working on it besides Donald?

I also think that if we can't get a CVS from Apache, it won't make too
much sense. Donald, what would you say if you had to take esql out of
the cocoon distro and put it into a sourceforge project? Would that help
you a lot? :)

On the other hand if we go to sourceforge without esql (and the other
XSP taglibs from the distro), then we are building a central repository
for maybe 5% of the taglib-usage out there.


Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Systementwicklung

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