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From Arnaud Vandyck <>
Subject Re: Protecting xml files using htaccess
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 08:10:04 GMT
Carl Mace wrote:
> I have just tried a htaccess file inside the cocoon dir, but it doesn't
> seem to read it.

I do not know if you work with Tomcat, but in this case, Apache does
_not_ read this directory, it's Tomcat! So you got to put the directives
in the "global" httpd.conf (or access.conf)

> You said that they could be used in dir's.  Lets say that my
> Cocoon dir is called /XSL, would the htaccess file go inside this or
> outside this bearing in mind that the file would look like this
> AuthUserFile /myfile/.htpasswd
> AuthType Basic
> <Location *.xsl>
> require valid-user
> </Location>
> Many thanks again for your trouble

Arnaud Vandyck <>

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