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From Sebastien Koechlin <>
Subject Re: SVG serving problem
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 16:11:46 GMT
Anjul Srivastava wrote:
> Okay, I found the problem. I thought I should share the
> observations for anybody else trying to do similar stuff:
> 1. cocoon ignores any file that does not match the pattern
> *.xml

Wrong: your web-server and/or your servlet engine are not
configured to send request to Cocoon except thoses matching
*.xml; in any case, cocoon accept any request!

> 2. Adobe's SVG viewer ignores any file that does not match
> the pattern *.svg

With IE, plugins are triggered by file extention, this is why
you have to add something like "?a=a.svg"; usually, plugins are
triggered by MIME-Type send by server.

Is your svg file static? You can configure your webserver to
send the right MIME-Type, and do not use Cocoon, this would
be really faster.

> 3. You can change the pattern that cocoon matches by
> modifying <url-pattern/> in WEB-INF/web.xml
> 4. You CANNOT (rather, I could not) specify multiple
> patterns *.xml and *.svg in web.xml.
> 5. You CANNOT (rather, I could not) specify a pattern of *.*
> or * in web.xml.

You should read Java Servlet specification 2.2 Chapter 10
"Mapping Requests to Servlets"
You can also look at chapter 13.2, which is the web.xml
DTD, it's quite unreadable, but usefull where you have
an error in web.xml

You can find it at

S├ębastien Koechlin - IVision -

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