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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: util:include + xsp problem
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2001 17:48:18 GMT wrote:
> >>I assume that opening an XML file with XSP code from an XSLT using
> document
> >>() won't work because the XSP processor won't run on the file first.
> >>Correct?
> >No. document() will work okay. And if this is logicsheet/taglib xsl you
> even
> >won't have the overhead described above. (But changes detection you
> >won't get either)
> Cocoon will run any processors defined in the .xml file when I open it with
> document()?  This model is difficult to understand.  Is this because the
> file opened with document() is treated like any other URL request?  If so,
> you'd think that changes would, indeed, be detected.
> If this does work, then it is at least another option.  Thanks!

The document() function is XSL specific.  It is a method of including
XML in a stylesheet.  It is not the same as <xsl:import> or <xsl:include>
which merge the trees of more than one stylesheet, and applies them
all to your page.

The modification mechanism in Cocoon is tied to the source document,
or your XSP page.  If the source document has changed, then the page
will be refreshed.  You can make Cocoon think you modified the page
by using the UNIX touch command.  Another way of doing this in Windows
is opening the file and saving it.

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FAQ before posting. <>

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