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From simone cecchini <>
Subject Re: content logic and display
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2001 11:59:19 GMT
At 13:49 3/28/01 +0200, you wrote:
>> dear giacomo and sandeep,
>> i have been wondering about this issue since last week.
>> reading you, i have grasped that i can start from and plain xml file,
>> apply a logicsheet to it, in order to transform it to an xsp page and
>> than apply a new stylesheet for formatting, right?
>> which is the difference between this and applying a stylesheet instead
>> of a logicsheet? (i know that logicsheets are treated directly by the
>> xsp processor).
>> how can i do it, using processing instructions?
>Well, there are two methods to integrate your logicsheets into the C2 system. 
>One is to specify it with a <?logisheet ...?> PI. The prefered method IMHO is to

>specify your logicsheet location in the cocoon.xconf file and use namespace 
>definitions to refer to your logicsheet in the xml document (look at the xsp 
>samples that comes with C2).
thanks for your reply. i have builded the last cvs of c2 and will try to deploy it in a few
but, what about the 'old chum' c1?

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