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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Central repository for taglibs
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 11:40:54 GMT
On Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 01:55:05AM -0500, Donald Ball wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Jeff Turner wrote:
> > A separate repository is an obvious need. Taglib committers are usually not
> > Cocoon committers.
> i tend to concur. i don't know how willing the pmc will be to hand out
> commit accounts freely to anyone with a logicsheet though. the asf is
> pretty tight about security, with just cause - imagine what a cracker
> could do if he could get malicious code in to either the cvs source tree
> (unlikely) or the packages in the downloads area. using a sourceforge-like
> entity might be the easiest way to at least get this started. i can ask
> the pmc though.

I can see their point. I wonder how jakarta-taglibs got started.
Perhaps Craig McClanahan twisted some arms ;)

OTOH, I agree with Ulrich that any taglibs project without the blessing
of Apache, and without esql, hasn't much chance of gaining momentum.

So to get started, how does this sound: we create a sourceforge project,
populate it with all taglibs whose authors give consent (incl. esql and
ones bundled with Cocoon). Then let this run for three months or so. If
by then the project is still alive, stable, and of sufficient quality,
ask the PMC to vote on it's inclusion in

I can see the main sticking point here.. it effectively "forks" all the
official Cocoon taglibs. I see little alternative, or this hasn't got a
chance. Would a promise to religiously keep them in synch, and clearly
indicate any diverging functionality, be enough?

> > And one day you'll spend 24 solid hours tracking down what turns out to be a
> > bug in your version of esql. You'll triumphantly post to the list, and Donald
> > will say "oh yeah, that was fixed in the next version, upgrade from CVS".
> >
> > WHEREAS, if you had got the very latest esql from a separate project,
> > you would know you're getting the latest.
> i don't understand how moving the code into a new project would change
> anything - it's already easily possible to download (just the) latest esql
> logicsheet from cvs. in both cases, if you don't download the latest code
> before bug hunting, you might be wasting your time. :)

I'm sure *lots* of people just use the standard taglibs that come with
their distribution. The notion that code from CVS is unstable and
unsupported is widely held, especially at the managerial level ;)


> - donald

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