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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Central repository for taglibs
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 02:54:27 GMT
Hooray, someone agrees ;)

On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 12:32:24PM -0800, Yann Camenen wrote:
> Hello all,
> Also, where is that logicsheet/taglib documentation that everybody is asking
> for ? I know there are resources, they're just not easily accessible to new
> users.

Taglib documentation is one of the biggest areas a taglibs project could
address. It's an "overhead" cost that, individually, taglib developers are
reluctant to meet. Donald's xspdoc (used in esql) looks like a good start. 

For taglib development (as opposed to use), a taglib tutorial would be nice.
David Parry started one (, but evidently
ran out of steam. Again, collective ownership of such a document could
potentially ensure it's long-term survival. 

> What about the taglib schema validation idea that came up a few weeks ago ?
> There probably could also be some kind of taglib schema for logicsheet
> authors to extend.

That all requires someone to make it happen ;) If every taglib provided a
uniform way of accessing it's schema, that would aid the development of
schema-based validation. 

> I believe that some sort of organisation would allow for a higher degree of
> coordination on such projects. If a structure existed, it probably would
> induce some additional overhead for existing taglib authors but would
> definitely facilitate entry for new contributors. It doesn't necessarily
> mean a new mailing list and web site, just a few pages on the Cocoon site
> and a [Taglib] subject line.

Yep, initially that would be fine. However, assuming the rapid growth that C2
is sure to induce, this probably be scaleable in the long term.

> Finally, how many people here have modified/improved versions of the esql or
> fp taglibs that they don't know what to do with ? Who should these
> modifications be submitted to (especially for those taglibs that don't have
> a well-known maintainer) and how ? Are patches to taglibs to be treated the
> same way as cocoon contrib patches are ? Are the same people supposed to
> handle both ?

Exactly :) I wonder how many people have useful variants of taglibs that they
don't publicize, simply because they don't want to support it.


> Just my opinion.
> Regards,
> Yann Camenen

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