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From "Bettina Linssen" <>
Subject unicode, major problem !!!!!
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 12:34:08 GMT

I still have a major major major problem by using UNICODE-encoded characters !!

Does anybody has experience with Netscape 4.75 and greek letters ??
Is there any possibility to make it work ??
I think, the problem is Netscape and its bugs, but I do need these characters to be displayed
in Netscape 4.75.

I already changed the properties file and the XML/XSL-encoding to UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 with
no difference.
Entities don't work either, because the UNICODE-encoding is the same and is interpreted the
same way.

So the problem seems to be, that Cocoon transforms the UNICODE-encoding (eg &#8211;) into
the HTML-4-encoding (&ndash;), but Netscape 4.75 just doesn't know what to do with that
(different to IE5 or Netscape 6).

Is there any way to tell Cocoon NOT to transform these encodings ??

still hoping

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