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From "Anjul Srivastava" <>
Subject Re: CocoonFromServlet example not working
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 07:37:51 GMT
Not sure how to help you with your Servlet problems, but looking at the larger picture, if
you want to generate XML from a database, why not look at the ESQL taglib in the XSP framework
(all within cocoon). The URL relevant to you is: It
worked swell for me.
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  From: Sharath Chandra 
  I am new to Cocoon environment. I want to acieve the functionality of fetching the XML from
database. and passing it to cocoon for processing it. I was looking at the samples and 'CocoonFromServlet'
was found to be relevant. Like getting the XML from database and invoking Cocoon from a single
Servlet. While testing the examples i got different errors, like "ProducerFromRequest' Class
not found and some times "The Cocoon engine has not been initialized!" . Can anyone give me
proper guidance. Is the procedure what i assumed is right. ?? Any other efficient way ?

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