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From "Anjul Srivastava" <>
Subject Re: SVG serving problem
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 03:11:20 GMT

Section 1.2 says that the MIME type is almost certainly
going to be "image/svg+xml" and recommends SVG files have
the extension ".svg" (all lower case) on all platforms.

Nevertheless, I am extremely suspicious of the "+" in the
MIME type. I think it is a typo in the candidate
reccommendation. So, I think we are all right. I could get
around my problem by appending "?dummy=rect01.svg" to my
requesting URL.

Thank you for your suggestions,

----- Original Message -----
> Two suggestions:
> 2. Try replacing "image/svg-xml" with just "image/svg" in
> (it occurs twice). I couldn't find any official reference
on the MIME type
> for SVG, probably because it's not yet an official W3C
Recommendation, but
> the W3C web server you pointed to returns "image/svg", so
it's probably been
> changed to that. If it works let me know and I'll update
the default

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