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From "Anjul Srivastava" <>
Subject Re: SVG serving problem
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 03:05:22 GMT
It would be nice if points 4 and 5 below could be overcome
but I suspect it is a Tomcat issue or something that I am
doing wrong. That would enable me to get around the
workaround of appending "?dummy=rect01.svg". Of course, the
problem maybe with Adobe's SVG viewer for Internet Explorer,
or with MSIE itself.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Anjul Srivastava" <>
> Okay, I found the problem. I thought I should share the
> observations for anybody else trying to do similar stuff:
> 1. cocoon ignores any file that does not match the pattern
> *.xml
> 2. Adobe's SVG viewer ignores any file that does not match
> the pattern *.svg
> 3. You can change the pattern that cocoon matches by
> modifying <url-pattern/> in WEB-INF/web.xml
> 4. You CANNOT (rather, I could not) specify multiple
> patterns *.xml and *.svg in web.xml.
> 5. You CANNOT (rather, I could not) specify a pattern of
> or * in web.xml.
> The solution:
> 6. When a cocoon URL is accessed with "?dummy=xxx.yyy"
> appended, cocoon translates the SERVED file name as if it
> were xxx.yyy. So, instead of accessing:
> I access:
> 7. In the XML file, add as the second line:
> type="image/svg-xml"?> (this is an obvious step)

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