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From "Peter C. Verhage" <>
Subject Re: stability of 1.8.3-dev?
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2001 21:57:38 GMT
<< I'd be interested to hear any evidence whether anecdotal, or otherwise on
the stability of 1.8.3 and/or the Saxon XSLT transformer. The performance
increase with Saxon over Xalan is up to 15x better, so obviously I'd like to
use it. >>

Sorry, I've been away from the mailinglist for a while but if I read your
comment right they are going to use Saxon in 1.8.3 instead of DOM?

So this could mean taglibs (which use DOM XML fragments from Java beans)
have to be rewritten to return Saxon XML fragments?

And this would also mean, once you have created 1.8.3 compatible taglibs
they probably also work with Cocoon 2 without any major modifications
(because Cocoon 2 also uses SAX)?



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