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From "flourish" <>
Subject Re: Building Nodes with Java
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2001 08:07:46 GMT
    I'm not sure I asked that question correctly.  Okay, I know how I can
use xsp to put information into an xml file that is processed through the
xsp logicsheet, but I want to know how to make objects that can hand me back
node objects that I can add to the resultant xml.
    So I could have a user object in my xsp sheet and just tell the user
object user.getXML() in an xsp:logic tag, and it would return a node object
or something that I could then add to the xml document that's coming out of
the logicsheet.
    Does this make sense?  Can I do this?  Do I want to do this?  Can
someone point me in a proper direction?


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Sent: Friday, March 23, 2001 3:49 PM
Subject: Re: Building Nodes with Java

> "Matthew Smith" <> wrote:
> >     I'm hoping someone can give me a starting point for building on to
> >result xml documents dynamicly.  I think that's what I want to say.  I
> >noticed the brief bit of information on xml fragments.  I also saw that
> >through xsp you have access to the result tree through the org.w3c
> >Which should I use?
> XSP can only be used on XSP pages; the XMLFragment interface is more
> complicated but allows you to write standalone classes (modular code that
> can be reused outside of cocoon).
> >I couldn't find the API for the org.w3c classes such as
> >Document and Node after looking for quite a while.
> Download the full Xerces or Xalan distribution, you will find it in the
> javadocs for that. Or look on the site, there is an API in the
> DOM specification but it's not in the normal Javadoc format, but it's
> perfectly readable.
> Look also on for additional resources.
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