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From Donald Ball <>
Subject [c1] weird namespace bug
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 03:41:10 GMT
hey bugs. i've got a page in which i'm doing an xsp, an xinclude, then two
xslt transformations. yeah, sounds nasty but i've got very clear contracts
between the layers so it's actually not too bad. anyway, i just finished
moving all of the HTML stuff into the last transformation layer when i
started getting errors from cocoon for some pages - the one about error
outputting text before the root element. oddly, when i do the
transformations by hand, everything works fine.

i finally tracked the problem down. after the xsp (and xinclude)
transformations, the resulting xml file does _not_ declare all of the
namespaces that are used in it. after re-arranging the namespace
declarations on the page, everything worked fine. that's a huge problem.
xsp's namespace handling sucks.

- donald

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