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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: Re[2]: [Q] An example of using ESQL in a stylesheet ? Logicsheet ?
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 17:38:23 GMT
On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Sandor Spruit wrote:

> >> What I'd like to do: in the Cocoon pipeline of an XML document, I'd
> >> like to add elements that will eventually get rendered (in HTML) as
> >> a toolbar of buttons or clickable images, above or below the content
> >> of the original XML document.
> >> The functions accessible through this toolbar obviously may depend on
> >> the characteristics of the user, his access rights, session stuff or
> >> a specific document subtype. So, while the stylesheets gets processed,
> >> I'd like to query a database to see what elements need to be inserted,
> >> then fiddle with these elements to render them as HTML.
> >> Is this possible ?
> Paul> Mm-hmm. Why not do this in the XSP page itself? In C2 you will
> Paul> (honest) be able to do this using the content aggregation
> Paul> functionality we're in the process of designing.
> I'd like to keep the details on toolbars and such away from the folks
> writing the XML documents. They'll at some point just upload, say, a
> news item - recognizable by some document type, tag or attribute. As
> this little XML document gets processing to be displayed, it needs to
> be get the 'news item toolbar' built into the output HTML. Does this
> sound reasonable ?

write your own xsp logicsheet which transforms elements like this:

<foo:toolbar type="new item"/>

into calls to the esql logicsheet or whatever. then your page authors
needs only know about the 'foo' namespace, and don't need to worry about
esql or java code in their pages. this is _key_ to the whole xsp idea.

- donald

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