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From Forge <>
Subject Seminar subject Cocoon
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 19:54:24 GMT

Hi there,

Tomorrow the university I go to organises a student seminar.
My lecture is about Cocoon. 

There is something that is not completely clear to me, and I expect
questions about it:

Excerpt from Stefano's slides:

The problems with JSP:
- logic has direct access to the output
- output is always streamed

Our solution: XSP
- logic as _not_ direct access to the output
- output is _never_ streamed

I think that xsp has direct access to output: you can insert XML tags
into the stream.
You also have access to the servlet HttpResult object.
If you ignore the last remark, you could say that xsp does not have
direct access to the _final_ output stream, but rather to its own output
stream (it HAS to have that, right?)

Then by output we mean the final stream.
Why is output _never_ streamed? The final output stream is most certainly 
streamed to the web-client (maybe even through the webserver?)

If the above means that the output of an xsp page is a DOM tree structure,
than I can understand it, but in Cocoon2 the output IS streamed into
SAX events..

So if the above does no longer hold for Cocoon 2, I need to strip them..
That means that there are only two points in favor of XSP to JSP,
namely the 'abstraction of programming language' and 'abstraction
of output', although the latter could be accomplished with JSP..

Any guru's want to commenton this? Preferrably Stefano himself? :))

i need this fast...!~ 


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