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From "Jon Brisbin" <>
Subject RE: Probs with INSERT and esql
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2001 04:27:20 GMT

blah> this is XSP, not JSP

very true...but i'm trying to figure out what i can and can't do with
cocoon...i don't really know that by adhering to the documentation...

blah> i guarantee that it works.

i always assumed that it *does* work, when used correctly, but my original
point was that i tried it in my own app's context...exactly how the
documentation and the archives suggested to do it...but i was getting
nullpointerexceptions when i posted to judgement on anyone's ability
or the quality of the suggestions, just a frustratingly simple reality.  i
had it typed correctly and it didn't work...

sorry for seeming so short...this is my 32nd work hour in two days...that's
no excuse, but it doesn't help to make me any more pleasant :-)


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