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From "Steve Punte" <>
Subject Re: Request Performance Suggestions and profile.xml data
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 01:30:50 GMT

	Thanks for you reply.  Some quick questions:

>  >   	2)	90% percent of my XSLT transforms are
>  >                 simple "template", "value-of", and "attribute".
>  >                 Therefore from my readings.  I'm not thinking I
>  >                 can achieve significant improvement by adjustment
>  >                  here.  The next 9% are typically "for-each",
>  >   		"when", and "if".
>  Check out the XSL FAQ at Also check out the Cocoon
>  FAQ, performance section, which has more info.

	Reference is made to FAQ's at some other sites, but as near as
	I can tell does not have an FAQ.  Perhaps
	this site has changed since you last looked at it?

>  >  How can I move to xalan_2?
>  Cocoon 2 is already working with Xalan 2, though not 100% correctly.

	Sounds like cocoon 2 has much of what I'm looking for.  What
	is your impression as to when Cocoon 2 will become stable
	(i.e. at least usable in production and demonstration mode)?

	Again, thanks for you replies: they are very helpful.  :-)


Steven P. Punte
Candlelight Software
By Candlelight If Necessary!

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