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From William Bagby <>
Subject Setting up configuration engine
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 17:11:16 GMT
OK I'm new to the group, so please forgive me if I don't follow the protocol

I'm running Cocoon 1.8.1, and I'd like to set up spme sort of configuration
engine to run my site.  I realize that sounds rather vague, so let me give
you a (hypothetical) example:

Request is
Based on CITYNAME, I'd like to load a configuration, could be XML file,
Oracle, Java Properties file, whatever. I'd like to load this config only
ONCE, but it needs to be flexible enough so that if the configuration is
changed, these changes will be reflected dynamically, i.e. I don't have to
restart Cocoon.

Each XML page is static, so that I'm using a modified version of
ProducerFromFile to load it.  In other words, my producer gets the request,
"chops off" the first portion of the URI, loads a configuration (into the
session?), then loads the XML (XSP) page (entertainment/events.xml in the
above example), which has a tag library to access the aforementioned config.

Does this make sense at all?

I suppose my question is: should a configuration engine be handled in the
Producer, or the XSPProcessor, or even the Cocoon Engine itself?


William Bagby

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