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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject RE: Link encoding & LinkEncodingProcessor
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 13:43:56 GMT
I-Chung Young <> wrote:
>--- Christer Lindh <> wrote:
> > BTW, why is it only encoding href and action??
> > Shouldn't it encode all URLs, for example src= (especially for
> > framesets!)
>I believe the intent is to encode session id into URLs in the
>form submission (action) or links (href) after xslt. These URLs
>need to preserve the session to communicate with other pages.
>Frameset usually is used for inital layout. There should be no
>need for encoding session on that.

True, but you MIGHT change the whole frameset after the homepage (unlikely, 
but possible). I'll add it. Any other URLs? Presumably image URLs don't need 
to be encoded?

>If you have special design/need, you still have the option to
>1. generate session id in xsp as a tag and pass to xsl to include
>    in the URL that needs it.
>2. change the source code
>    and add "src" as the attribute to be encoded.

Exactly. People often seem to forget that Cocoon is open source!

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