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From Oscar Trigueiros <>
Subject RE: Re[2]: How to edit,delete data on xml file or databases?
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 18:21:09 GMT
Hello Simone:
  Tanks for the tip, i've tried again and realised that what i was doing
  I've removed the line added and triend again and realise that the sample
is working, it simply validades the data.
  Now all that is left to do is to understand the Fp taglib.
  I'm wondering how good of a framework can Cocoom be to replace the
tradicional database driven applications.
  We all now that next age applications will be based on one web interface.
  That do you thing about that??


-----Original Message-----
From: simone cecchini []
Sent: quarta-feira, 21 de Fevereiro de 2001 18:05
To: Oscar Trigueiros
Subject: Re[2]: How to edit,delete data on xml file or databases?

Hello Oscar,

Wednesday, February 21, 2001, 18:07:04, you wrote:

OT> I've tried the sample on FP taglib on tomcat3.2.1 but i've got the nasty
OT> exception:
OT>  java.lang.RuntimeException: 
OT>   Error loading logicsheet at
OT> resource://org/apache/cocoon/processor/xsp/library/java/fp.xsl due to  
OT>   java.lang.Exception: Resource not found or retrieving error

OT> I only added the line 

OT> =
OT> resource://org/apache/cocoon/processor/xsp/library/java/fp.xsl

in my properties file i read [compare]       =

could you try this?

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