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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: 1.8.2 basic cache question
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 18:05:44 GMT

Thanks for your input.

> Not necessarily. I suspect it's the XInclude - if Cocoon thinks that the
> included resource has changed it will ignore the page in cache and
> regenerate the page. Are you including file:// URLs or http:// URLs?

I'm using a relative file url. I haven't been able to use an absolute http
or file url successfully. My site is has an IP address, not a domain name,
so perhaps that has something to do with it.
> However I noticed similar behaviour myself which I could not explain at all,
> only when using Lynx - it's on the todo list to find out what's going on
> there.

I can overcome this problem in certain cases.
(1) I have a single global XSL file which I was applying to all pages. If I
make copies of this stylesheet, rename them, and have individual xml files
reference their own copy, the caching works even with xinclude.

(2) If I implement a stylesheet chain, by applying xinclude in the first
stylesheet and then applying my other transformations in the second global
stylesheet, caching works.

> Another point to bear in mind is that currently, requests made from
> different user agents (e.g. Netscape and Internet Explorer) are treated as
> completely separate requests and the cached results of one request can't be
> used to serve the other - even if the results are actually identical.

Yes, I noticed this when I read Cocoon.xml. Unfortunately, the problem
occurs across several browsers, Mac and PC, at present.



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