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From Pål Wester <>
Subject SV: Question of technique
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2001 20:27:32 GMT
Yeah, pretty much..

You could have structure in your xml page and
all the logic and esql tags in your stylesheet... some
people like it that way..

I on the other hand do not work on design and have
other peole at my company doing that, so we use
the xml page as an dummy so the designers work
on stylesheets for that page and i code pages according
to that dummy. And all  works well at the end :o)

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  -----Opprinnelig melding-----
  Fra: Neal Criscuolo []
  Sendt: 15. februar 2001 02:41
  Emne: Question of technique

  I am producing html pages which contain queried data from a database. To
do this I have an xml document containing esql tags and relevant xsp logic
to produce the required xml from the database query and then an xsl
stylesheet is applied to produce the final html.
  Just wanted to check, is this technique OK or not?
  Any criticism/advice welcome...

  Neal Criscuolo

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