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From "Bentley, Tim" <>
Subject LDAP taglib & DSML
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 05:25:49 GMT
Jeff -

Haven't had a chance to move in the direction of authorisation.  Sorry for
the initial flurry of enthusiasm followed by deafening silence - priorities
on my project have altered slightly since last year.  I see from the current
version that you have added stuff in that direction already, which is great

I don't know whether there has been any previous discussion on using DSML as
the return format for the directory data.  This has been raised as a
requirement for the stuff I've been working on, and I've made appropriate
changes to my version of the taglib (which also contains some other stuff
which probably wouldn't be of interest to the general user) so that it
returns a (hopefully) dsml-compliant DOM branch.  

Currently I am over-riding the contents of the <document-element> and
<entry-element> tags, but I would like to use a mechanism to allow dsml to
be switchable, and which also maintained backward compatibility.  

Is dsml something that you or other people are interested in?  If so, can we
discuss a suitable model for supporting it without breaking the current
model (obviously I would like to do this anyway!)?  Off the top of my head
the obvious way seems to be to add an optional tag which will tell the
taglib to use the DSML format and ignore any <document-element> or
<entry-element> tags, but there may be wrinkles I haven't considered.


Tim Bentley
Computer Associates
Senior Software Engineer, eTrust Directory Development Lab.
tel: +61 3 9727-8930
fax: +61 3 9727 3491

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