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From Simon Waddington <>
Subject RE: Kill this thread (was: Relative Speeds of XSL Engines Java v s. C++)
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 06:07:53 GMT
> Ridiculously off topic no?

Obviously I thought not, I was merely explaining why Cocoon is an excellent
example of why Java is a good language in spite of some apparent, but not
necessarily important limitations.  I've seen many, many people look at
Cocoon and its component technologies and conclude, often quite publicly its
not a viable solution because its Java based.  

In the absence of a non-advocacy policy I'll feel free to counter such
conclusions and explain why perhaps Cocoon is quite the opposite - an
excellent example of code reuse and leveraging of many highly appropriate
features of Java to achieve the goal without having to worry excessively
about performance.

As for email I don't think is interesting, no offense intended, but the
delete or ignore thread button has always worked for me.

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Subject: Kill this thread (was: Relative Speeds of XSL Engines Java vs.

Ridiculously off topic no?

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