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From Klaus Drechsler <>
Subject Re: Action ... (new question inside ;))
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2001 18:27:10 GMT

At 17:22 11.02.2001, you wrote:
>Here you try to get at the value of {1} from the Map returned by your action.
>Unfortunately your map does not contain a member named "1". the only one you
>have is "validSession".

Thank you very much. That works now :-)

But I have another question to you:
Is it possible to to do something like an "if ... then ...else" with the 
results from an acion in the sitemap?.
I mean something like this:

    <map:match pattern="sm/*">
     <map:act set="mytest">

         <map:when {test}=true>   <!-- HOW DO I DO THIS? -->

                 <map:generate type="serverpages" 
                 <map:transform src="dbprakhouse/sm-logicsheet.xsl"/>
                 <map:serialize type="html"/>


If this is possible, could you give me the correct syntax please? I tried 
to figure it out by myself, but that wasn´t very successful.

Thanks in advice!

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