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From Martin Man <>
Subject [C2] XSP without output (and namespace problem)
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 11:55:58 GMT
	1) Anyone have any suggestions on how to write sort of servlet-like
generators using XSP, e.g., the generators that would do some things (SQL
update), will not produce any content except HTTP headers  and only
send redirect back to the client using <xsp-response:send-redirect/> according
to the result..., or if I reformulate the question, how is HTTP output stream
and XSP Generator's output stream related, e.g., do I need HTML serializer and
transformers when I know that my XSP is after applying logic-sheets totally

	I know simple java servlet is good for this, but why not to use
XSP+logicsheets to do the task, to persist the uniformity, db access etc.
across various dynamic webpages...
	until now, I have a problem writing such, even simple pure XSP which
won't produce any content, at least it's still producing some whitespaces and
catching them by stylesheet doesn't seem to me as a very elegant sollution
(anyway I haven't got it even working yet :(())

	2) And the other question is:
	Do I need to declare all xmlns: napespaces in <xsp:page> starting 
even those that my XSP is not reffering to directly



after applying my logicsheet, all my tags are transformed into <esql:, <log:,
<xsp-request:, <whatever-else:

I think that mytaglib.xsl should than take care of adding appropriate xmlns:
attributes into <xsp:page> tag when transforming my tags, e.g.,


after the application of my logicsheet the page should look like


therefore saving the knowledge of the XSP developer to name all those
namespaces directly in the .xsp source, dont' even talking about that the
developer doesn't know them...

until now after looking at esql.xsl no such thing is being done, so the
question is, is this the transformer's task, or logicsheet's developer's task

sory for typing that much words,

cocoon enjoyer,

"Only dead fish swims with a stream"
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