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From John Waugh <>
Subject Help with cocoon and corba server
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 17:43:47 GMT

having read the documentation over a few times, i'm just about grasping the
concept of producers, processors and XSP. In an effort to speed this up, so
i can start writing the intended app i was hoping someone could help me on
the following points:

-when cocoon is processing a page, via its algorithm, if a specific producer
is selected, would this producer remiain in memory (JVM)?
-If I was wanting to do some serious paramater and session procesing, should
I be putting this in the producer ratrher than XSP logic? (especially if
this a subset of this logic is going to be used for every request?)
-If I've got a server object that front ends onto a corba based system,
where should I be initialising this, and access it (for certain requests)? I
can't initialise it in the producer cos I can't see how I can pass any
configuration information from the servlet load-up into it... so if I
intialise it in a Servlet the subclasses Cocoon, how would I access it from
the producer? (unless it's static..)
-Lastly if I want to access the dom to put some dynamic information into it
before i pass it back, I assume this would be done in a processor, rather
than a producer? (If I didn't want to use XSP)



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