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From Frank Ridderbusch <>
Subject [C1.8.2] ESQL question <esql:get-columns/> in particular
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 23:10:11 GMT
Hi folks,

I'm doing my first steps with Cocoon and esql and I'm trying to port
something I created with Oracles xsql utility to esql.

I'm retrieving the results of the query with the <esql:get-columns/>

First of all I would like to ask, how I can achieve a more vertical
formating of the resulting xml. Instead of 


I would like


I simply find the more vertical format easier on the eye, when I'm in
the need to directly look at the XML. 

Second, I like to ask, how I can suppress null columns? For instance,
my query returns 27 columns and sometime more than half of them are
empty. After the XSL transformation I alway see 'null' in the
resulting HTML.  I tried to suppress the null columns at the XSL
stage, but was unsuccessful.

The XSQl utility (servlet) from Oracle works this way. Only non empty
columns produce any XML nodes, empty columns are suppressed by


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Since I have taken all the Gates out of my computer, it finally works!!

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