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From Sandor Spruit <>
Subject Re[4]: [Q] An example of using ESQL in a stylesheet ? Logicsheet ?
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 11:47:26 GMT


I don't fully understand your interesting but brief reply. The point
is: Cocoon processes many things as XML documents, flexibility all
over the place. I'm not *that* experienced with Cocoon, yet.

Please refer to comments below.

On Wednesday, February 21, 2001, 6:38:23 PM, you wrote:

Donald> On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Sandor Spruit wrote:

>> >> What I'd like to do: in the Cocoon pipeline of an XML document, I'd
>> >> like to add elements that will eventually get rendered (in HTML) as
>> >> a toolbar of buttons or clickable images, above or below the content
>> >> of the original XML document.
>> >> The functions accessible through this toolbar obviously may depend on
>> >> the characteristics of the user, his access rights, session stuff or
>> >> a specific document subtype. So, while the stylesheets gets processed,
>> >> I'd like to query a database to see what elements need to be inserted,
>> >> then fiddle with these elements to render them as HTML.
>> >> Is this possible ?
>> Paul> Mm-hmm. Why not do this in the XSP page itself? In C2 you will
>> Paul> (honest) be able to do this using the content aggregation
>> Paul> functionality we're in the process of designing.
>> I'd like to keep the details on toolbars and such away from the folks
>> writing the XML documents. They'll at some point just upload, say, a
>> news item - recognizable by some document type, tag or attribute. As
>> this little XML document gets processing to be displayed, it needs to
>> be get the 'news item toolbar' built into the output HTML. Does this
>> sound reasonable ?

Donald> write your own xsp logicsheet which transforms elements like
Donald> this:

Donald> <foo:toolbar type="new item"/>

Donald> into calls to the esql logicsheet or whatever. then your page
Donald> authors needs only know about the 'foo' namespace, and don't
Donald> need to worry about esql or java code in their pages. this is
Donald> _key_ to the whole xsp idea. 

Do you mean a pipeline like this:

   XML doc with <foo:toolbar> tags
   <XSP-processor> yields calls to esql tags
   <XSLT-processor> transforms toolbar stuff to HTML buttons

Could you supply one complete, working example here ? The notion of a
logicsheet is barely documented in 1.8.2, or so it seems. IMHO: some
of the examples are really sniplets, where things like root elements,
name space stuff etc. are used in confusing combinations. This gives
me the (frustrating) feeling that what I want is something perfectly
reasonable, it's possible, but I can't see how it should be done.

Any help will be much appreciated,
ir A.G.L. Spruit, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Institute of information and computing sciences
"There is a bit of magic in everything, and then some
loss to even things out" (from: Lou Reed, "Magic and Loss")

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