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From "Sean" <>
Subject [C2] Getting C2 to work with Tomcat 3.2
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 03:36:24 GMT
I saw a bunch of posts on this but no one seemed to sum up how to get this to work so I wanted
to write it up real fast.

1. Synch up with CVS to the Cocoon 2 label.
2. Compile and be sure to include the libraries to create the cocoon.war file (as 
    instructed in the INSTALL readme file)
3. Copy the cocoon.war file into the TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/ directory
4. Take the jaxp.jar file out of TOMCAT_HOME/lib and replace it with
    the xerces jar file that comes with the C2 you synched with.
5. Restart Tomcat
6. This should automatically extract out the cocoon.war file into the directory structure.
7. Edit the web.xml file in cocoon/WEB-INF/web.xml
8. Set the class-path-attribute to use org.apache.tomcat.jsp_classpath.  It should look
    something like this:


9. Restart Tomcat again
10. Access http://localhost:PORT/cocoon and have fun with your new C2 installation.

I hope this helps people as it took me a while since no one summed up what needed to be done.


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