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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject Re: Bug in FP taglib/Cocoon?
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 09:22:22 GMT
I found out in sources that FP taglib uses xsp.XSPUtils.relativeFileName()
which uses Utils.getBasename() in it.
So, when I try to get a file by its absolute path: /storage/file.xml it
tries to find it not from the document base of the application Context, as I
think it must be.
I use FP from a file in subdirectory of the docBase, e.g.: /xml/login.xml
and it constructs the full path to the file as:
<docBase>/xml/storage/login.xml instead of <docBase>/storage/login.xml

Is that a bug in Cocoon or maybe I do something wrong?

> I use Tomcat 3.1, Cocoon 1.8, WinNT 4.0
> I have an application context in Tomcat with path="" (the root of server)
> and have a welcome file - /xml/login.xml under that context path. So I can
> access my application simply by: http://localhost/
> The problem is in that that I use FP taglib in my login.xml like this:
> ...
>        <fp:resource-file>/repository.xml</fp:resource-file>
> ...
> As you can see the path points to the <docBase>/repository.xml but I get
> exception that:
> file <docBase>/xml/repository.xml not found.*
> Why does it go to the current dirrectory instead of the root?
> * - <docBase> is the real path to the application directory.
> Thank you.
> Konstantin Piroumian.
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