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From Dafang Zhang <>
Subject Waiting page for a long PDF rendering process
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 17:47:55 GMT
Hi, Cocoon users,

Say, I'm redenring a PDF document on demand.  The redenring process take a
long time for a large document.  I would like to display a waiting page, so
that those impatient users won't click on that redenring button again and
again (this will drive the FOP work as many times as user clicked, before
the PDF actually showes up on screen), and also, the user will know that the
system is handling the request.

Currently, I'm using something like this, and it works like a charm:
  <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL='rendering.xml'"/>
  <p><img src="stapling-document-animated.gif"/>Your request is being
processed, please wait...</p>

I know it's not recommented by the HTML spec, I haven't got the side-effect
so far though:

"Note. Some user agents support the use of META to refresh the current page
after a specified number of seconds, with the option of replacing it by a
different URI. Authors should not use this technique to forward users to
different pages, as this makes the page inaccessible to some users. Instead,
automatic page forwarding should be done using server-side redirects."

But, when I try to use server side response.sendRedirect in a XSP page or a
servlet, the waiting message before the call to response.sendRedirect won't
be displayed.  I understand why it is not working: the response object
redirect the request to another URL on the server side and anything in this
newly constructed waiting page won't be sent to client side.

Does anyone have a good solution for this?

Dafang Zhang

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