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From Krzysztof ZieliƄski <>
Subject Cocoon Developing Kit.
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 17:35:28 GMT

Turbine developers have TDK.
TDK is Tomcat distribution with configured and ready to run Turbine and
other tools.
I'd like to prepare similar to TDK, Cocoon Development Kit (CDK).

I'm a new Java developer and my developing process isn't optimized.
I'd like to ask advanced Cocoon users to describe their developing process.
I have prepared some most important questions from the present time.

1.How to write Java code?
2.What kind of Java code editor to use?
3.How to assign my classes to special packages?
4.Where place your source code?
5.How to compile project?
6.How to test your code?
7.How replace old class without restarting Tomcat?
8.What kind database to use.

Here is my Cocoon developing process.

1. Some Cocoon 2 architecture rules are described in Avalon.

2. I'm using UltraEdit editor.
I think it isn't so god as eg: Borlad JBuilder, but I don't know if it is
possible to integrate such advanced editors to write code for Cocoon.

3.Now I place all my processors in org.apache.cocoon.processor. package, but
I'm not sure is correct.

4.Here is my directory structure.
Directory where I keep are all my java programs, sources, packages. I'm
trying to use directories WITHOUT spaces.
 Directory where I have a CVS shapshoot or distribution and here I compile
Directory where I have working Tomcat3.2 distribution with cocoon classes
(not cocoon.jar) in /program_files/tdk-cocoon/classes
Directory where I have working Tomcat4.0 distribution with cocoon classes
(not cocoon.jar) in
 Directory where I keeps all my projects
 Directory where I have my Cocoon project. I have my build.xml with special
<target name="copy" depends="init"> which compile and copy classes to
specified distribution directory eg: /program_files/tdk-cocoon/classes

5.How to compile project
 I have a buld.xml and I use ant to compile.
6.How to test your code
 I running Tomcat and looking at result under internet browser like
I haven't good solution for it, and I'm looking for more beter.
a) I'm modifing my source code.
b) I'm compiling code by build.bat. Ant compiles code and copies it to
distribution directory.
c) I'm restarting Tomcat (sucks)
d) I'm refreshing under internet browser specified page eg:
7.How replace old class without restarting Tomcat
 This is my biggest problem.
8. I'm using Interbase but for CDK I'm going to use HyperSonicSQL.


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