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From "Krzysztof Zielinski" <>
Subject Re: C2+T4m5: Here are the Install instructions !!!
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 10:37:59 GMT

I have an error.
>org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: The sitemap handler's sitemap is not
In previous Tomcat version I have to copy all Cocoon libs to Tomcat lib.

I thought that T4 doesn't need it.

I have done as it was written in instruction:
> 1. unpack jakarta-tomcat-4.0-m5.tar.gz to for example c:\tomcat
> 2. Build the cocoon war package as described in the install file
> 3. copy cocoon.war to c:\tomcat\webapps

> 4.copy ....
>>This shouldn't be necessary. The latest versions of T4 and C2 should work
without doing this.

> 5. remove crimson.jar and jaxp.jar from c:\tomact\lib and c:\tomcat\server
> and copy xerces_1_2_3.jat from the cocoon lib directory to these two
> directories.

> 6. add the ....
>>This shouldn't be necessary either.  If you drop something in the
tomcat/webapp/ directly it should get recognized >>automatically.

> 7. cd to c:\tomcat, call bin\startup, start a web-browser and point to
> After a while you shoud get an error message.
> (Thats okay for now, we need to do this, so tomcat can unpack cocoon to a
> directory c:\tomcat\webapps\cocoon)

> 8. change the classpath-attribute in .....
> This has been removed in fawor of a servlet container independant approach
> build the classpath direcly out of WEB-INF/lib and WEB-INF/classes. So,
> worry about it anymore.

> 9. Now point your browser again to and it should
> now!

After a while you shoud get an error message.
 ... The sitemap handler's sitemap is not available.


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