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From "Emilio Maldonado" <>
Subject Chaining XML->XSP->XML->XSP->etc.
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 18:39:30 GMT
I'm trying to chain and process XML docs by using XSP's. (like the
clean-page.xml example from the samples)
I have followed the example and read the archives but looks like Cocoon only
supports the XSP processing once, so the chaining is not being succesfull.
Is this the right approach? or there's something else more powerful?

I definitely need a pure-XML with data, and several layers chaining the
logic before a final XSL renders the result. Where those logic layers are:
dynamic SQL generation, user permission validation, dynamic filtering of
data, passing parameters, merging different XML files... etc,etc.  I don't
see how to do all of that in one-step transformation and not being

Any other suggestions/approaches?


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