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From (Riad Shaalan)
Subject Re: generate sql from request in xsp?
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 23:25:40 GMT

> * Riad Shaalan ( wrote :
> > Im pretty new to Cocoon, but I think it is obvious to me from running
> > samples and reading the docs that newly created xsp pages need to be
> > compiled into java bytecodes. That means it is infeasible to create a
> > xsp page for every user request. So, if you wanted to implement your sql
> > generation scheme using logicsheets, I think it would be prohibitively
> > because of the required compilation step. I think the best way would be
> > write an xsp page (or a custom processor) that would read the request
> > generate the sql within the xsp (i.e. not relying on a logicsheet).
> XSP pages only need recompilation if the _code_ changes, not the data
> within the code. If you can write the page in such a way that you're not
> actually changing the XSP page itself, you won't need to recompile.

Exactly. Actually thats what I meant.

> > I wish Cocoon could have supported an iterpreted language such as
> > JavaScript. I guess it was too much of a performance hit to run an
> > interpreter that was itself interpreted by the JVM.
> As far as I am aware, XSP itself is language independant, so there's
> nothing to stop you using rhino or whatever to integrate ECMA/JavaScript
> into the XSP engine.

Ok, it may be easy to integrate rhino or fesi with XSP, but you would still
have to compile the JavaScript to the JVM for acceptable performance.
Dynamically generating XSP logic per user request (using a logic sheet for
example) would still be infeasible. DCP used fesi, and it seems that it was
just too slow for the designers of XSP.

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