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From "Badreddine Douiri" <>
Subject Installing cocoon on JRun 2.3.3
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 21:12:02 GMT
(I do not speak english very well, so I beg your pardon if in this mail you may find spelling
failures or false structures)

I am student. In my master thesis I must devolop a web application to dynamically generate
HTML-pages. I begun in September 2000 - so the XSP technologie (with cocoon) was the most
recent technologie and I desided to work with it.
I developed my application on Windows-NT with Tomcat as web server and servlet engine. It
did work very good.

Now I am at the end of my project and I must integrate it on a Linux-Server.
The Server works with "Apache HTTP Server" and "JRun 2.3.3" as servlet engine.
I did get some trouble installing cocoon on JRun, although I did follow the instructions on
the Cocoon-Website (word for word!). I found out, that some lines were written false - or
they are not designed for version 2.3.3:

1. there is no file "[jrun-home]/jsm-default/properties", the file is "[jrun-home]/jsm-default/properties/"
Here, the file "xeres.jar" must be before the jrun-file "xml4j.jar" since "xml4j.jar" has
got an older version of "org.w3c.dom.Node" (wich makes cocoon not work).

2. in "[jrun-home]/jsm-default/services/jse/properties/" the lines must
be as follows (without ""):[cocoon-home]/conf/
3. in "[jrun-home]/jsm-default/services/jse/properties/" the given line

does not work - I still did not find why or how to solve it.

I finally want to thank you for your tools and documentations, with which I could develop
a very good project.

yours sincerely

Badreddine Douiri

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