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From Jesse Reynolds <>
Subject Re: util:include-uri authentication (+cookies & form data)
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 07:37:11 GMT
At 7:44 PM +0000 20/12/00, Robin Green wrote:
> wrote:
>>How do I use util:include-uri to include an external xml file if the file is
>>protected with basic authentication?.
>You'll have to edit the source code.
>Please submit it as a patch if you get it working - thanks!

Mika (or anyone else) Did you get this working?

As well as basic authentication, I also need util:include-uri (or 
something else) to send cookies and form data...

Should I be looking at editing the util.xsl source code to do all 
this, with calls to the Servlet API? Or should I be looking at 
writing my own library tag?




       Jesse Reynolds - Virtual Artists Pty Ltd -
                                                  jesse (at)

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