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From "T.Pospisek's MailLists" <>
Subject Re: Is Cocoon usable?
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 09:00:20 GMT
On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Seyed P. Razavi-Nematollahi wrote:

> As Cocoon is the only XSLT I'm familiar with I was disappointed to find
> that it ran so slowly and used so much resources.
> per day
> Number of hits: 4903614

You definitvely get a lot of hits, but have you looked through the live
sites that run Cocoon? There are a few among them that seem to be
quite quick. Maybe you want to talk to their maintainers - quite a few of
them are on the list here.

There's recently been a discussion here about performance and replacing
the various parts of Cocoon, and allthough it seems that you can get
quite a performance gain, AFAIK you are still likely to run into some
problems if you are not using the "standard" components.

People here are reporting that Cocoon2 is considerably faster. I do not
know about its stability since it's still in development.

One thing you might want to consider is (www.)AxKit(.org) which has AFAICS
the same functionality as Cocoon, but is written and extensible in Perl.

If you do check it out, I for my part would be glad to hear about your


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