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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: [C1] concurrent XSLT
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2001 21:26:00 GMT
On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, I-Chung Young wrote:

> --- Donald Ball <> wrote:
> > On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, I-Chung Young wrote:
> >
> > > We are testing our application (using cocoon XSP for dynamic
> > content
> > > then straight XSL translation to HTML) with small load
> > > (~30 concurrent users). A small percentage of the users (3-4)
> > > will get the attached cocoon error below (could not parse ....).
> > > But most of the users are okay. Is this problem with cocoon's
> > > ability to handle concurrent formating or xalan's ability to
> > > transform. Or is there any configuration in cocoon/tomcat/JVM
> > > that will help to handle the concurrent request. Will moving
> > > to Tomcat 3.2.1/Cocoon 1.8.2 helps?
> >
> > by any chance, does the xsp ever result in a redirect?
> >
> > - donald
> No. It is only generating XML then transform into HTML. The
> redirect functionality is in the resulting HTML, which shows
> the message then redirect using javascript with "location:".
> But that is after the cocoon process already.

well, i tell you, i had that problem a while back when i issued an http
redirect from my xsp page but the xslt processor was still invoked - if
user was being redirected back to the same URL, you'd end up with two xslt
threads running on the same xslt stylesheet, which caused problems
sometimes. we were never able to track down exactly where it was in xalan,
so i changed by xsp pages to not create the xslt process pi unless a
redirect wasn't issued (no fun at all, which is one reason i really like
the early exit on redirect patch).

i haven't experienced this behavior in a long time, which leads me to
believe that this was fixed in later xalan/cocoon releases. i'd strongly
recommending upgrading both. tomcat probably has nothing to do with this.

- donald

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