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From "T.Pospisek's MailLists" <>
Subject Cocoon configuration performance comparison?
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 09:35:16 GMT
Hi all,

has anybody made performance tests with Cocoon together with various
configurations, servlet engines and XSL transformers?

We have been runing a live Cocoon site for quite a while, but have been
forced to pull the plug due to response delays getting tooooooooooooo
long (several couples of seconds) and are generating everything offline
and just copying over the generated pages to our online site now. We're a
low traffic site btw - we've got a 40 hits/hour average.

We'd like to know whether someone has made some performance test with
different setups/configurations/software combinations and what the
aproximate relative gains are, i.e. if there's a relevant speedup to
be expected with the hope to get our site into live mode again.

I've already heard that XT seems to be a lot faster than JXalan, but
that it doesn't seem to be very compatible. *How much* faster is it?

Our server's got the following setup:

- Intel Pentium 233 MHz, 128M RAM, 128M swap
- network connectivity is not a problem
- Linux 2.2.18
- Debian woody/testing
- Apache 1.3.9
- Sun's JRE/jdk1.1.8
- Cocoon 1.8
- jserv1.2 ??
- xalan_1_2_D02.jar
- xerces_1_2.jar

We're runing jserv with the following parameters (if we ommit them, we're
geting out of memory errors). Everything else is default:

* /etc/jserv/
  wrapper.bin.parameters=-ms64m -mx128m -ss500k -oss1m

Judging by "top" the server itself never seemed to suffer neither
performance problems nor memory problems.

I guess this might be interesting to other people as well...


             Tomas Pospisek
	     SourcePole   -  Linux & Open Source Solutions
	     Elestastrasse 18, 7310 Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
	     Tel: +41 (81) 330 77 11

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