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From "Edas Pazera" <>
Subject [OT] RE: Web.inf questions
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2001 13:56:51 GMT

I disagree with you or anyone who wants to remove someone from any list.
Consider it my two cents as I have found myself in situations where I asked
questions which either went unanswered or, possibly, even were off-topic at

If you are or someone else are an "advanced user" or "developer" cannot find
time to answer questions--and that is perfectly understandable--please
don't.  When the question gets unanswered I just assume that: (1) no-one
knows how to answer it, (2) no-one cares to answer it because of one
assumption or the other on their part, or (3) my question is off-topic and
is being ignored.  And that was and is fine with me, as frustrating as it
may feel sometime.

I believe that pointing out the OT mails is necessary for the reasons you
all pointed out but after that these should be just ignored.  Removing
sounds a little bit too fascist, don't you think?  What next, we will start
removing people who ask too many questions? :-)


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From: ulim [mailto:ulim]On Behalf Of Ulrich Mayring
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 8:44 AM
Subject: Re: Web.inf questions

Michael Bierenfeld wrote:
> Hi,
> removing people from the list is imho the wrong way. I think that the
> list is a valuable source of information related to cocoon. And nobody
> should be excluded from that.
> I have subscribed both cocoon-users and mullberrytech. This lists rocks
> for xsl-questions. But anyway you can make the same experiences in any
> list or newsgroup. A lot of people are not willing to read manuals or
> faq's. Its the pokemon generation. Suggestions ?

What we are currently doing is tell people, when they make a mistake,
and assume that they'll learn from it. There are really only two
mistakes: posting off-topic and not reading FAQ/mailarchive before
posting. Very simple, actually, so this procedure ensures that the
reasonable people have a way to stay on this list. The unreasonable
people must be excluded, I see no alternative. However, I want to stress
that we haven't had any unreasonable people on this list yet - but it is
to be expected that some kind of spammer will eventually get on it.


Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Systementwicklung

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