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From "Martin Sevigny" <>
Subject RE: [C1][Patch] Saxon and Cocoon1.8.1 [Was:Re: PERFORMANCE PROBLEM!]
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2001 16:53:58 GMT

> > Error on xsl:import on line ...
> >  d:\currentdir\d:\path_to_xsl\file_to_import.xsl (file not found)
> do you wrote down the absolut filename with the complete path in your
> <xsl:import> element?
> If so, insert a "file:/" before the path and test it?

The calling stylesheet is in d:\path_to_xsl\, and the called stylesheet too.

In Xalan:

<xsl:import href="file_to_import.xsl"/> works

In Saxon:

<xsl:import href="file_to_import.xsl"/> does'nt work
<xsl:import href="d:\path_to_xsl\file_to_import.xsl"/> does'nt work
<xsl:import href="file:/d:\path_to_xsl\file_to_import.xsl"/> works

I've checked the sheetBase parameter passed to SaxonTransformer.getTransformer, and it is
correctly set to the calling stylesheet, in the form "d:\path_to_xsl\...".

It can compile logicsheets neither, but this time the sheetBase property is set to something
beginning with "file:/d:/...".

Any other idea? Trace doesn't help, my stylesheet is never compiled.


Martin Sévigny

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