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From "Martin Sevigny" <>
Subject RE: [C1][Patch] Saxon and Cocoon1.8.1 [Was:Re: PERFORMANCE PROBLEM!]
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2001 16:27:09 GMT

> > Thank's for the contribution. Just a question: have you tested 
> it with <xsl:import>, <xsl:include> or document() statements in 
> XSLT? I'm having trouble with stylesheets containing them, and 
> before going too deep I would like to know if it's a known limitation.
> > 
> > Running those stylesheet from the command line works fine, but 
> not with Cocoon...
> > 
> you are using the original unpatched saxon package from michael 
> kay's homepage?

No, yours, I just doublechecked.

> You get an error message from cocoon? 

I get this:

Error on xsl:import on line ...
 d:\currentdir\d:\path_to_xsl\file_to_import.xsl (file not found)

As you can see, it appends the current dir to the complete path of the XSL it tries to import.

I'm on Windows NT, could it be the problem?

Thank's for your help, I've seen that Saxon is around 30% faster than Xalan for my application,
I would like to make it work.

Martin Sévigny

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