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From "Martin Sevigny" <>
Subject RE: [C1][Patch] Saxon and Cocoon1.8.1 [Was:Re: PERFORMANCE PROBLEM!]
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:29:46 GMT
Steffen and all others wanting to use Saxon with Cocoon,

> aah. Now it's clear to me, I think. :-) You don't use the latest 
> cocoon from
> CVS? There is a bug in org.apache.cocoon.processor.xsp.XSPProcessor.
> The xsp stylesheet is initialized with null and therefore saxon 
> throws this exception. I've send the patch at 01/01/19 to cocoon-dev and
> in the current CVS it's fixed.

OK, I've got it straight with a dirty hack.

Here's what works on NT (and Linux):

- Cocoon 1.8.2 CVS January 26th
- Saxon 6.1 from Steffen (posted earlier: (ca:
- from Steffen or CVS with this little modification:


if ( sheetBase != null )
  File f = new File(sheetBase);
  sheetBase = f.toURL().toString();

before the DOMSource construction (in javax.xml.transform.Transformer).

This will make sure that Saxon receives a base URI in URL form, such as "file:/xxx". And now
it works. There is probably a more elegant way and more robust, but it's for another time.
It works under Linux too, by the way.

A few advices to all of you trying to make Saxon work with Cocoon:

- Saxon is in general less forgiving about errors in XSLT than Xalan. Some XSLT files can
work with Xalan but not with Saxon, so make sure you test your XSLT files carefully.

- I've tried to use the ESQL taglib from Cocoon 1.8.2 with Saxon, and it failed to compile
the logicsheet! I've not tested much, because I had to change it anyway, but it looked like
one of these errors due to the lack of forgiveness of Saxon

Now Saxon works, and my app is really quicker.

Thank's a lot for your help,

Martin Sévigny

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