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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject RE: Processing XML output from CGI Programs with XSP
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2001 01:58:01 GMT
Kurt Heston <> wrote:
>I?ve done a little more experimenting.
>Here?s my xsp code:
><?xml version="1.0"?>
><?cocoon-process type="xsp"?>
><?cocoon-process type="xslt"?>

You need to comment out this line to see what is really going on. Ricardo 
(or whoever wrote this taglib code) decided to output error messages as text 
instead of throwing exceptions. I'm not sure whether this was a wise 
decision; it seems rather Microsoftish, if you'll pardon the expression.

><?xml-stylesheet href="stylesheet.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>
><xsp:page xmlns:xsp=""
>       xmlns:util="">
>	<page>
>		<util:include-uri
>		<!--<util:include-uri href=""/> -->
>		<!--<util:href>
>			<xsp:expr>""</xsp:expr>
>		</util:href> -->
>	</page>
>You can see I?ve tried a number of different methods.  The best I can get
>for output is:
>	Warning: can't output text before document element!

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