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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: toDOM and toSAX of XMLFragment
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 18:44:30 GMT
> > Why in a XSP page?!
> Cause it's the only object I have :-)

Then there is no place for toDOM or toSAX...

> > For your SOAP taglib parsing is necessary for sure. But for e.g.
> > my database beans: they query the database within the same VM
> > why should I build a String from that and then let Cocoon parse it?!
> And what exactly does your database return that you don't have to parse
> it?

Well, my toDOM() goes through the ResultSet and creates the Nodes from
the rows and columns. No parsing :)  (esql was far away that time ;)

> > > How does a SAX parser parse arbitrary XML files? It reads characters and
> > > generates events :)
> > 
> > But why parse if you don't really need to?
> I'm all ears on how to get XML from somewhere and appending it to the
> current node without parsing it first ;-)

see above

> Hey, if you tell me how to do that I might just change the SOAP taglib :)

Well, as I said it depends on how you get the data...
SOAP over HTTP will need a parser :)

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