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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: Status of Cocoon-1.X and Cocoon-2.X
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 11:13:16 GMT
> Hi all,
> in the Open Source infozone project SchemoX i've _also_ developed a
> framework for processing forms.
> SchemoX reads XMLSchema and can built forms for HTML
> or Swing or something else with the informations from the XMLSchema.
> SchemoX is divided in reader-, validator-, builder- and renderer-parts and
> these renderer-parts does perfectly fit into the C2 structure
> with generators
> and so on. In C1 it can be used with a taglib.
> The most of the 'processing a XMLSchema' and 'input validation' stuff is
> in a working state. I'm currently working on support for forms in multiple
> pages. One of the next big steps in SchemoX is to research some common
> page layout constraints, to automatically build pretty forms, not only
> tables. :-)
> To avoid this waste of development time, let's join our work in
> one project.

Well, sounds reasonable ;) but I've peeked into the SchemoX docs and felt
a bit limited by the validation definitions and found the XForm spec a bit
more handy.

I don't like the appoach trying to represent everything in XML down to the
bone. I personally think validation should still be done in Java - of course
supported by some good helper classes! You are much more flexible this

What if you get e.g. the min/max value from database?
Or validation depends on other form elements or other circumstances?
Time of day e.g.?

We tried a very OO approach for the form validation. Each form element
has a class representation. If you need validation you override the
method of the desired form element and that's it ;)

Don't know maybe we should discuss this at the infozone mailing list
I just tried to subscribe to the infozone mailing list but didn't get a
confimation mail back yet ;)

I hope we get this on real soon...
Cocoon needs nice form handlings features real badly ;)

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